Looking to sell your product or service? Testimonial and sales videos are the best way to explain the virtues of your company to potential customers quickly.

Project Details This YouTube video was produced to highlight customer satisfaction with Eco Alternative Energy as a solar panel installation company.
  • Date : Launched Dec, 2011
  • Client : Eco Alternative Energy
  • Status : Completed
  • Location : Sharbot Lake, Ontario Canada

Testimonial Video - Choosing a Solar Installation Company

Eco Alternative Energy - Sharbot Lake
Eco Alternative Energy - Ron Kortekaas, Co-Owner
Solar Panel Installation by Eco-Alternative Energy
Solar Panel Installation on Rooftop by Eco-Alternative Energy
Eco Alternative Energy - The Best Installation Package

Project Info

Word-of-mouth advertising and references are powerful for generating new sales. There is no better way to 'spread the word' than video since it reaches such a large audience with minimal cost. This YouTube video was designed for embedding into the company website. Several customers of Eco Alternative Energy were interviewed and asked why they chose the company and how they would rate the installation and service. Viewers can see first hand customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to this company.

YouTube videos are easily embedded into web pages, sent as links to customers and inserted into PowerPoint presentations. The more traffic the videos drive to your website the better your website will rank on Google.

Video Comments

By the way Ken, a customer of ours who happens to be a news film editor in Ottawa said he watched our video. He commented that it was very professional and said that most times you get good video and poor audio or vice versa but on ours they were both done very well. We get comments on it all the time, congrats!!! Ron Kortekaas-Co-Owner, Eco Alternative Energy, Sharbot Lake

Choosing a Solar Installation Company Presentation.

Testimonial videos are perhaps the best kind of sales video because it uses real people to rate a company product or service. Most customers who are pleased with a recent purchase can't wait to tell others!

We recommend keeping the video fast paced and under 5 minutes. That's lots enough time to interview several satisfied customers, show product footage and provide an end summary. Video today is so versatile. Once produced it is easily shared on YouTube, your website and any social media.

Eco Alternative Energy Sales and Testimonial Video by 45 Degrees Latitude
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