Training & Educational Video
Training your staff, associates and volunteers properly is important to the 'bottom line'. Ensure consistent training with pro- produced video. Make training sessions interesting and easier on your trainers.

Instruction video on testing and monitoring for invasive species in inland lakes. Prepared for Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters and Ministry of Natural Resources for use in all volunteer lake testing kits in Ontario.

Sales & Testimonial Video
Why should a customer choose your product or service over the competition? This is where testimonial videos excel. Have a product to demonstrate? YouTube is the #1 place to host product demonstration videos.

Testimonial video for Eco-Alternative Energy, Sharbot Lake to explain the benefits and company strengths of using the company for solar installations. Used on YouTube, website, tradeshows and to supplement printed sales materials.

Orientation & Event Video
Need an exciting opening for your next conference or event? Video can quickly detail your mission to a wide audience. It is also effective as a tool for funding applications to get your audience up-to-speed quickly.


Excerpts from Land O' Lakes Tourist Association 'Our History' video shown at the bi-annual Vision Awards dinner to inform members and guests of the organization's history, goals and objectives.