Professional Photo Editing - Case Study

Sometimes you need photo editing that goes beyond normal use of your standard photo editing program. That's where 45 Degrees Latitude comes in handy as shown in this project.

Triangle Fluid Controls Ltd. in Belleville, Ontario is a major worldwide supplier of innovative fluid sealing products and services. With the completion of a new facility the company wished to promote their new building which is visually striking in appearance. New landscaping had just been completed with new grass planted around the facility. With a dry summer the new grass didn't look its best for photos...yet.

45 Degrees Latitude was asked to capture video clips for a new video production Triangle is completing. They also needed high resolution photos for printed work and other media. Cathy Hook captured images with her new Nikon D800 36 megapixel camera and undertook detailed editing to complete the landscaping- digitally. The new facility appears like it will in the cooler, fall months complete with lush grass. The results are below- areas with arrows required a variety of cloning and other Photoshop tools.

Professional photo editing Ontario arrows

  1. All photos were taken with the Nikon D800 and 18-50 F2.8 lens.
  2. The focus of the shot was the new building. There were too many things in the picture to distract from the building with one shot (––trees and a newly planted grass area), so two photos were taken from a closer range.  The two photos were put together in Adobe Bridge using >Tools > Photoshop > Photomerge > Auto layout (There are other layout choices – auto is a good place to start and in this case did a good job).  Photomerge aligns and blends the photos together and opens them in Photoshop.
  3. In Photoshop the Lens Correction Filter was used to take out the distortion from using a 27 mm focal length.  The photo was cropped to remove some of the parking lot.
  4. Some distracting elements were removed – 1 -  pole, 2 – parking sign, 3 – parking sign shadow.
  5. There was a bare patch 4 – where the newly planted grass had not grown in yet.  Grass from another photo taken at the site was brought in and blended into the grass already there. 
  6. A slight hue adjustment was made to the grass and grass edging put along the driveway.

Pro photo editing Ontario final image

The final result above is a clean, crisp photo that can be used in a variety of web and print media showing the new building at its best!

If you need commercial product photography or corporate photography and professional photo editing contact us and we will be pleased to provide a no obligation quote for the job.