Inserting | Embedding YouTube Video into PowerPoint 2013 Presentations

I am often asked about embedding video into PowerPoint presentations. I came across this interesting video that explained a workaround process of embedding a YouTube video as a Flash file.  This video is by Ellen Nodine.  Ellen explains some of the older versions of PowerPoint let you insert YouTube videos directly but not the 2013 version (Go to Insert Toolbar> Video> Insert from File).  Notice there is no direct way to insert YouTube videos.

Ellen explains very well the workaround.  However, I suggest you just download the YouTube video you wish to insert.  This way you don’t have to rely on a good Internet connection since it’s already on your computer or USB drive.  Take a look at the video then if you wish to download a YouTube video for free, look below.


Go to and you will find their free YouTube video downloader.  Simply type in the YouTube video URL and hit the DOWNLOAD button. A myriad of options will appear giving you a huge choice of formats right up to 1080p.  Once you download the YouTube video you can embed it into your PowerPoint presentation by going to the Insert Toolbar > Video> Insert from File.  Remember to always copy the video file to your USB drive to keep the link intact- this is necessary when using a USB drive (preferably USB 3.0) in a projector that might be shared with others.  Or, if you use your own computer the link will be preserved.

I personally use the YTD Video Downloader which is also a converter.  There is a basic and pro version ($29.90/year) but for my uses the free basic version is fine.  It works for Mac and PC.  It makes downloading a snap and you get the converter feature too.


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