Harry’s Story Documentary Completed – Memories About WWII, Nazi Brutality and Hiding Jews

View Harry’s Story Trailer – 5 minutes

Harry’s Story is a documentary about the childhood memories of Harry Andringa. Harry was 9 years old when he lived in Holland with his family in 1940 when Hitler’s Nazis invaded. For 5 years the Dutch endured Nazi brutality in Hitler’s quest to conquer the world. Some families such as Harry’s  hid Jews risking the life of not only the Jew but also the Dutch family. Getting caught would mean getting sent to a concentration camp or death.

Harry is forever thankful to Canada’s veterans who liberated Holland and help end the war in Europe in 1945. To thank Canada Harry has devoted his life to volunteerism and sharing his stories to local schools and organizations particularly around Remembrance Day.

Now in his 80s, Harry is not able to speak at schools but his story lives on in this documentary. The YouTube video is non-monetized. It is entirely free for public viewing and downloading in resolutions up to 4K.

The documentary interview with Harry is augmented with vintage war footage courtesy of the National Film Board – Canadian Army Newsreels. Ken and Cathy Hook produced the video over a one year period.  The documentary was officially launched October 25th, 2017 at the Northbrook Lions Hall.

For more information and outtakes visit: http://www.harrysstory.ca 
Please view the documentary and share with others.

View Harry’s Story  Documentary- 37 minutes

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