Where to Buy 3M VHB Adhesive Tape for GoPro Mounts

3M VHB Tape for GoProUsers of GoPro cameras need special adhesive tape for mounting their GoPros on cars, boats, helmets…almost anything.  The best tape is the 3M brand VHB tape which is double sided and waterproof. This is the kind of tape that ships with your original GoPro camera and mounts directly from GoPro. Regular double sided carpet tape will not work and you risk losing your GoPro.  Use only 3M VHB (Very High Bond) for best results.

Looking at the normal mainstream sellers you will find this tape can be quite expensive.  I recently ordered 10 sheets (10 cm x 10 cm) from Aliexpress.com for $10.99 US which included shipping.  This is considerably less expensive than other suppliers and gives me the flexibility to cut the sheets to fit any mount or application.

Delivery took about 1 month  but the product arrived as advertised and there were no other shipping/delivery charges.  Here’s the complete link.


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