Take Better Smartphone Video- Clean Your Lens

Smartphones will never replace larger camcorders when it comes to video quality. However, smartphones have the big advantage of always being with us so you never miss a shot. One of the easiest ways to improve overall video quality is by keeping your lens clean.

Dirt on your lens is especially noticeable during panning and tilting shots- when you are physically moving your smartphone left and right or up and down during the shot. Dirt on your lens may be less noticeable during still shots and may be removed from your image in a photo editing program like Photoshop. It is much more difficult to remove dirt from a moving video image.

The best way to keep your lens clean is to keep your smartphone in a case. Eventually you may pick-up dirt and smudges. Clean your lens using these tips:

How To Clean Your Smartphone Lens

Use a microfiber cloth, Q-tip and commercial lens cleaner

  • it’s best to invest in a lens cleaning kit which can be used on all camera lenses- these can be purchased for under $10.00 from any camera retailer and include lens cleaning solution (isopropanol) and microfiber cloth. Keep the cloth clean in bag or case.
  • never saturate any area around your lens with lens cleaner- you don’t want any liquid entering the smartphone. Instead, apply a minute amount of lens cleaner to the cloth or use a new Q-tip cotton swab. Wipe the lens in a gentle circular motion.
  • although some say use distilled water on your smartphones using lens cleaner is better- would you apply distilled water to a DSLR camera lens?  I wouldn’t.
  • don’t use Kleenex or any wood fiber based tissue for lens cleaning- it can leave minute scratches on your lens.