How To Create A Perfect Meta-Title For Your Website

How to create a perfect meta-title

As a SEO specialist I will argue that a meta-title is the most important piece of real estate on your website from a search engine perspective.  Carefully crafted meta-titles can result in significant improvements in your search engine rankings. Of course, meta-titles are just one part of a search engine optimizing program for your website…but an important part!

Before starting your meta-title determine your main keywords.  You may think you know what your best keywords are but check your competitor’s sites for ideas.  Then check the Keyword Planner Tool as part of Google Adwords. I don’t advocate using CPC or PPC strategies for small business if you’re on a tight budget but using the Keyword Planner Tool is free and will not only give you further keyword ideas but will identify the average monthly visits expected for each keyword phrase. Consolidate all the keywords and rank them in order of importance and include the most important keywords in your meta-title.

Google will display only 60 characters of your meta-title in a search result.  Therefore, try to shorten your meta-title and make every character count.  Don’t use a meta-title that’s way too short or too long.  Tighten it up to around 60 characters or a bit less.

A good layout for your meta-title is:

Primary Keywords | Secondary Keywords | Brand Name

So, in my video production/ SEO business my optimum meta-title might be:

Video Production Ontario | SEO Service |45 Degrees Latitude

giving me 61 characters with spaces (the ‘e’ on Latitude might get truncated so I might need to eliminate one space).

You will find many websites use the word ‘Home’ in the meta-title.  This is wasting valuable title real estate since viewers know it’s the homepage. Always use meaningful keywords about your business.

Careful creation of your very best meta-title is one of your first steps in optimizing your website and improving your SERP!

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Ken Hook is a Partner with 45 Degrees Latitude Digital Filming & Production Co. He is a Videographer and an Apple Certified Professional Video Editor, FCPX. Versed in website development and SEO, Ken helps businesses combine video with the web.
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