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There are many reasons for business to have a blog.  Perhaps the #1 reason is to improve your website’s search engine rankings.  Have your webmaster set-up your blog for you then write away!  You simply need to know what  you are talking about- you don’t need to be a web designer. Here are some other reasons  (in no particular order):

Blogging is important for business.

  1.  Remember what Bill Gates said: ‘Content is King’.  Blogging helps fill your website content with helpful information helping your search engine ranking.
  2. Blogs allow you to share your expertise and easily add content you might not feature in your website static pages.  And, it’s quick and easy to add last minute news.
  3.  Blogs give your company free PR. Journalists frequently interview bloggers that are creditable on virtually any subject.
  4. Blogging keeps you ahead of the competition and it will keep you sharp!  Blogging forces you to be updated on trends and innovations increasing your knowledge base.
  5. Blogging is the perfect place to tell your company story.  Talk about your history, advantages and benefits of products or services and talk about your employees and what makes them great.
  6. Business blogging lets potential customers know about your past work, your abilities and fields of expertise. Your customers will know about you even before they hire you!
  7. Blogging will build a business asset, which grows in value weekly.
  8. Blogging gives you a voice.  If you have something to say, people will hear you through blogging.
  9. Blogs make a nice entry point to your website.  Quite often viewers will Google a search phrase with your blog post ranking higher than your website. Blogging will complete the link to your website.

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Ken Hook is a Partner with 45 Degrees Latitude Digital Filming & Production Co. He is a Videographer and an Apple Certified Professional Video Editor, FCPX. Versed in website development and SEO, Ken helps businesses combine video with the web.
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