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Homepage of Eco Alternative Energy in Ontario

Eco Alternative Energy- Sharbot Lake Homepage

We were pleased to be asked to web host and provide SEO services to Eco Alternative Energy in Sharbot Lake.  Eco Alternative already had a great site with a PR4 but the Sharbot Lake store was not pleased how many installation leads they were getting from the site.  The site was mainly developed for the Toronto store. Now the site has a Sharbot Lake focus to it. 45 Degrees Latitude had previously worked for Eco Alternative Energy by creating a testimonial video a couple years ago.

Web Hosting

The first job for us was to transfer the site to our server which is based in Toronto. The former server was based in Dallas, Texas which can take a bit of a hit from Google from a SEO perspective.  Google likes sites to be hosted in the province (or at least the country) they do business in. All web hosting provided by 45 Degrees Latitude is based in Toronto on Canadian servers.

Customized The Site

Next we undertook making the site more ‘Sharbot Lake’ based. We updated most pages and created a new WordPress Blog contained within the main root of the website. We checked all links and navigation and tested the site plus set-up new email accounts.

Provided SEO Services

Lastly, we provided SEO services to the site which included performing a keyword  analysis, reviewing all meta-titles, descriptions, keywords, alt tags, etc. Then we added more keyword laden text in appropriate places and checked Google Places, Google+ and similar sites for accuracy. We also increased the number of inbound links and installed Google Analytics on the site to check improvements.

Lastly, we will provide training for blogging.  Thanks Ron and Anne for entrusting your site with us!



About Ken

Ken Hook is a Partner with 45 Degrees Latitude Digital Filming & Production Co. He is a Videographer and an Apple Certified Professional Video Editor, FCPX. Versed in website development and SEO, Ken helps businesses combine video with the web.
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