Sony A7SII Camera Purchased by 45 Degrees Latitude Video Production

45 Degrees Latitude adds Sony a7sII to inventory.


45 Degrees Latitude has recently purchased the new Sony a7sII DSLR full frame camera.  This adds a whole new dimension to video offerings to clients as the new camera records video natively in 4K.  Small in size but mighty in imagery this amazing camera was released in October 2015.

The main advantages of this camera over others is the ability to record 4K internally which allows videographers to capture ultra-high definition video that can be cropped down to 1080p which allows more creative possibilities.  The camera is also a low-light level king which can shoot almost noise-free video in near darkness.

We are working with the camera on 3 current video jobs and love the performance in low-light.  And, it’s autofocus capabilities are the best we’ve seen.



About Ken

Ken Hook is a Partner with 45 Degrees Latitude Digital Filming & Production Co. He is a Videographer and an Apple Certified Professional Video Editor, FCPX. Versed in website development and SEO, Ken helps businesses combine video with the web.
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