How To Generate a Hex Color Code and Use Color Wheel

If you’re somewhat ‘color challenged’ like me you often wonder what color goes with another color and looks professional. This is particularly important with website and blog design- to create a color scheme that looks great.

Here’s a great tool I picked up from Lisa Irby’s super-helpful website and blog:– check it out!

Step 1. Drag the black bar on the “Hue” selector to generate the desired base color.

Step 2. Double click inside the Brightness/Saturation grid to activate the cursor. Drag it until the desired brightness is achieved. The “Swatch” bar shows you the final color result.

Step 3. The hex color code is generated at the bottom of the grid in the “Hex” box.  Simply copy and paste the code into your page.

Choosing Your Color Scheme!

Once you have your hex color value from the chart above, copy and paste it (without the#) into the form below the color wheel and it will generate a matching color
scheme for your website.

This is a great tool to use if you’re trying to come up with complimentary colors for your navigation, background, hyperlinks, etc.