SEO Your Blog Posts – How To Use Header Tags

WordPress bloggers can improve SEO of their posts by proper use of header tags. Inserting header tags (h1, h2, h3, etc.) can easily be done when writing a post.

Header tags help search engine crawlers find text in your headings. Try to insert appropriate keywords in all of your headings.

Here’s how it works.  By default your post title is given a h1 tag- the most important tag. You should only use the h1 tag once in your post.  On this post the html code will appear as:
<h1>SEO Blog Posts-Use Header Tags</h1>

<h1>is the opening tag, </h1> is the closing tag and everything in between is our h1 title.

Secondary titles should appear as h2 tags. If there are titles underneath the h2 tag it should be nested as h3 tag and so on.  For example:

This is my secondary title as a h2 tag

       This is my tertiary title as a h3 tag

Here is how your screen should look. Select the ‘kitchen sink’ icon if the drop down heading menu does not appear:

Use heading tags to improve your blog posts SEO.

Use headings where ever practical to achieve better search engine result placements.


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