4 Tips For Producing a Perfect Audio Audition Voiceover – For Beginners & Experienced Artists

Audio wave - produce a proper audio auditionAs a Videographer and Video Editor I frequently need professional voiceovers.  Typically I use voices.com – a service that lets me upload a script, select preferred criteria for the voice such as gender and age, and receive auditions.  A final script is uploaded and I usually select a paragraph and ask the voice artists to audition the paragraph so comparison is easier.

I quite often receive over 100 auditions for any script over a period of 2-4 days.  As you can imagine competition is fierce.  I short list the auditions to the best 5-10 and send the auditions to my clients for final selection.  Any one of the short listed auditions will do the job nicely.

As a potential customer I have some tips for voiceover artists, particularly new ones breaking into the business.  It surprises me how many auditions are actually poor quality.  Your audition must be perfect and high quality to be considered for the job (as I said earlier the competition is fierce).  Ensure the following:

1) Your audition must be void of background noise and hissing/hums. You would be surprised how many I delete right away because of poor quality.  If your audition isn’t ‘clean’ your pro-narration may not be ‘clean’ either so I won’t select you for the job.

2) Take the time to audition the paragraph selected by the Client (me).  All too often I receive demo clips with music or past ads.  While these are nice I never select these auditions.  Record my paragraph or don’t bother replying.

3) Make sure your audio is the right level – not too loud to blow my headphones off and not too soft so I need to turn up the volume.  When I receive a pro-narration I wish to insert it into my video editing program at 0 db then fine tune it.  Your audition should be at the proper level.

4) Voices has a ratings system. I submit my budget for the project when I post the job.  If my budget is $250-$500 for a couple minute voiceover I have never picked an offer over budget. This is especially true when the artist is not rated.  This is even more true when the audition is not clean and perfect.  The highest priced audition in my experience does not indicate highest quality.

Hopefully these tips will help artists get more jobs and not be deleted from the audition list at first pass!

About Ken

Ken Hook is a Partner with 45 Degrees Latitude Digital Filming & Production Co. He is a Videographer and an Apple Certified Professional Video Editor, FCPX. Versed in website development and SEO, Ken helps businesses combine video with the web.
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